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Permezz ta ' | Ġunju 6, 2023

Step into the shoes of a talented stylist in FashionVerse: Fashion Your Way. You can create and style your own fashion to become a trendsetter. Dress your model in trendy outfits; design your dream closet with unique clothing; create your own designs and submit them to compete against other players in glamorous competitions; pick up challenges, and vote on different designs. Earn rewards for your fashion style and makeovers!

FashionVerse: Fashion Your Way is a social styling game with 3D customization that allows you to create stunning looks and fashion in your own way, design backgrounds, shop for great virtual looks, and get recognized for your stylish makeovers with incredible in-game rewards!

How to Play FashionVerse:

Two Game modes: Choose your fashion challenge from the Stylist game mode, in which you must create your best designs using a carefully curated list of clothing, aċċessorji, and backgrounds. The Trendsetter game mode allows you to let your imagination run wild by creating mood boards featuring your favorite outfits.

Challenge of the day: Participate in competitions where you’re in control of everything: killer clothing, żraben, and backgrounds, to fill your missions and get the results of your vote; Level up in the season pass and unlock the season’s content; advance in your career title and complete your collection! New fashion staples are added frequently, with a diverse and inclusive collection of in-game models FashionVerse is welcoming to everyone.

Compete and Vote: As a social game, you get to play and vote on who wore it best! Look for themed competitions and let other players vote on your design. Whatever your taste, FashionVerse allows you to do it in style while also being a part of an inspiring komunità.

Gain rewards! Receive amazing gifts as a reward for your creativity and talent!

Karatteristiċi Ewlenin:

Makeover your virtual model with fabulous fashion clothing and hundreds of different styles and become a trendsetter!

A wide range of fashion challenges, with new ones appearing every day.
Unique social features and a fantastic fashion community: Follow your friends and show them your best outfits.
The community compares and judges all of the designs. To get the highest ratings, do your best and choose the most inspiring pieces.

Realistic 3D: Unique 3D graphics and realistic design.

Embrace diversity: The original game gives you an infinite number of models to dress and includes models of all sizes and poses. Models of all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, ages, and more are featured.

Play FashionVerse to immerse yourself in the world of fashion and looks, connect with an incredible community, and become a trendsetter!