Hybrid Warrior : Dungeon of the Overlord Cheats&Hack

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One final battle with the Overlord. The hero defeats the Overlord with his final strike, which 'Yields Flesh for Bone'. However, he is reduced to his bare bones as a result. Slay monsters and equip their flesh to the hero. – Goblin arms increase attack speed! – Orc legs increase ATK! -The stranger it is, the stronger it can become. PvP SystemShow everyone else how cute your hero has become. – You can only do so by fighting other heroes in PvP. – Defeat your unworthy opponent and celebrate with a victory pose. LabStudy monster specimens. – Craft different types of flesh to your liking. – Craft skill potions with flesh you don't need! Experience a game like no other. ■ Contact Us Please send any questions to the email below Contact: catlabstudio@gmail.com