Little Panda’s Ice Cream Game Cheats&kov

Los ntawm | Lub Peb Hlis Ntuj 20, 2023

Do you want to run your own ice cream store? Then come to Little Panda’s Ice Cream Game where there are many flavors and shapes of ice cream! Are you ready? Let’s start making ice cream now!

Almost everything in Little Panda’s Ice Cream Store can be frozen! You can mix and match your favorite ingredients as you like! Just unleash your creativity and design unique and cute shapes for your rainbow ice cream!

Before freezing, you can decorate your rainbow ice cream with any toppings you like! There are 9 kinds of toppings including chocolate, banana, and even chili! Use them to create different flavors for your customers!

After putting your rainbow ice cream in lovely bags, you can sell them to your customers! Look, customers are waiting in line. They can’t wait to have frozen ice cream to cool them off.

Put on your apron, turn on the switch, and start creating your unique recipe! In Little Panda’s Ice Cream Game, you’ll gain the skills to make rainbow ice cream!

Multiple flavors and toppings to make rainbow ice cream;
Lots of cute molds and popsicle sticks to choose from;
Various beautiful bags for you to use;
Different machines that are easy to operate;
Enjoy being an ice cream maker;
Customers may have different reactions depending on what you offer!

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