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Los ntawm | Lub Rau Hli Ntuj 5, 2023

A Healing cat sims integrates stray cat topics. Learning animal protection cogitation while playing with your cats! Spend the quality time with them. As long as you take good care of them, they’ll leave you a precious gift at parting…


▶Own your unique fluffy friends
Each cat in the game has very delicate differences in appearance, behavior, fitness and personality! You can only find out their preference by spending time with them. You can’t meet a cat exactly the same inlosing cats way”.
Have fun and enjoy your quality time with your kitties!

▶Decorate the home by your own
You can expand your homeland by an individual house building system!
Decorate your ideal home with different rooms as well. It’s satisfying while exploring the cat’s reaction in your sweet home!

▶Infect the simulation of world ecosystem
Players can understand the environment statement which cats living infer from The world system! Every choice you make will do a different change with strays!
Just like a social experiment!
Who knows what the result will be like? Join us and find out!

▶An immersive and dynamic storytelling
Discover an inspiring story about cats and humans with dynamic comics! Main story within animal protection topic, as well as touching sub story from real world. We’ll keep updating. If you want to share your own story with your cat, you can also contact us!

▶Moving life journey
Cats in game who have a limited lifetime. We design the diary system and greenhouse system with cogitation of psychology! After they pass through their life journey, they’ll keep you company in the other way.
In the sunlit greenhouse, the cattail plants keep swaying, the blowing breeze and the whispering leaves. Do you hear the words they said?

▶Healing Art style and Relaxing BGM
We have a distinct every frame you can see with a soft, healing hand drawn art style!
Having a visual festival by elegant watercolor stroke and emotional Lydian-tuned music! Let the soft feeling surround your hearts!

▶Leaning more about cats in a musing way
Animal protection is our main topic while we design “Losing Cats Way”! You can not only know more about cat in game. You can also learn about illness in our Catpedia! It is full of knowledge written by vets. We hope players can gain a deeper understanding of the fluffy friends you have in the real world!

Whether in the design of the game system or in the plot, we focus on realistic and important animal protection issues, and there is a small encyclopedia of cat breeding and medical knowledge, and professional veterinarians have been consulted in the production of foci and information expression.

We hope that you can learn something useful for the reality of raising a baby in a relaxing game.

=If you are this type of gamer, download the game right now! =

♥ Cat lovers
♥ Those who wants own the one and only fluffy friends
♥ People who wants to be cat moms and dads
♥ Those who want to be cat master
♥ Students or workers who need to be healed
♥ Gamer who likes to decorate home by your own
♥ Those seeking for relaxing games and healing games
♥ People into dress up pets with cute accessory
♥ Those miss Tamagotchi which played in childhood
♥ Those likes to afk just for staring cats
♥ Those love to share funny moment in game with friends
♥ Gamer who likes to be close to dev team and make game better
♥ Friends want to support Zero Point Five Game Studio

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