Slash & Roll: Live Guild Raids Cheats&kov

Los ntawm | Lub Kaum Ob Hlis Ntuj 6, 2021

Join real-time multiplayer PvP fights and roll some dice to face off against other guilds! Play with friends online in epic co-op battles and team up against other guilds to dominate the ranking!

Band together in the exciting online co-op fighting!
Create or join international guilds to team up with your friends, or convince the enemies to join your side
Strategize together! Chat with your guildmates to how to attack and talk tactics
Raid and rush against other guilds! Fight in epic matches of 20v20!
Join the skirmish mode to face your enemies in real-time battles
Dominate the seasonal rankings and show off your skills
Level up your hero power to help your guild grow
Customize your hero with unique weapons and cosmetics, or get a mount to tower over the battlefield and boost your attack!
Roll the dice, attack, and crit! Collect shields to enhance your defense
Send gifts to your guildmates and allies to boost their progress or help them to win in the battle arena!
Become the guild champion! Play with your friends and support them in dice battles!
Crush your rivals by stealing their gold

Cooperate, compete, turn failures into victories, and fight together! Are you ready to roll?

Please note that although Slash & Roll is free to play, our users are able to purchase virtual items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.

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