Triple MatchCat Tiles 3D Cheats&kov

Los ntawm | Lub Ib Hlis Ntuj 10, 2023

Welcome to Cat Tiles 3D. This is a cat-themed tile-matching game!
Have fun with the unique triple-tile-matching puzzles. Get relaxed by clearing 3D tiles in the amazing stages!
Interact with cute kittens. Meet various new kitties and dress them up. Explore new rooms in this cat game.
Cat Tiles 3D features amusing 3D triple-tile-matching puzzles and combines the fun of playing with cats with customizing rooms.

How to play:
* Tap on three identical tiles and clear them.
* Keep finding items that match up to complete stage goals. Set your sight on becoming a 3D tile master!
* Note that each stage has a time limit, so achieve stage goals ASAP!
* Feel free to use items to make tough stages easier.
* Use Fans to rearrange items on the board and Magnets to instantly clear the items listed in stage goals.

* Rich stages: thousands of tile-matching 3D stages that consist of various funny items and gradually grow in difficulty.
* Challenge yourself: amusing brain and eye training tasks in which you locate target items from a whole bunch of different items and clear them swiftly!
* Cute cats: feed, bathe, and dress up kittens. dhau 47 breeds of cats to tsis pub ua. lom zem, immersive gameplay.
* Customize rooms: create personal space by clearing more stages and relax in there together with your cats.
* Play anywhere: The game supports offline play. You can play with your cats even when there’s no internet connection.