My Elemental Prince – Remake: Otome Romance Game Cheats&Hack

By | February 9, 2021

■ Synopsis ■

Welcome to Paracelsa, the breathtaking home of elemental spirits!

A massive wave hit your college classroom and washed you up on these sunny shores. Luckily, three handsome men harnessing the powers of fire, water, and air have offered to help you get home. But that goal seems more unattainable when the Oracle reveals that your arrival was no accident!

Caught up in a deadly war between the elemental clans, will you stay and unite this fractured realm, or do everything in your power to return home?

Explore a vast new world, unite the elements, and choose your love story in this remake of the fan-favorite otome game, My Elemental Prince!

■ Characters ■

◆ Fan, The Fire Spirit ◆

Heir to the Salamander clan, Fan appears to be nothing but rude and self-centered. He may have difficulty controlling his fiery emotions, but he’s a passionate man who truly cares for his people. Can you soothe the beast and help Fan grow into the leader his clan needs?

◆ Shelia, The Water Spirit ◆

Shelia of the Undine clan is logical and keenly intelligent, but all you see is darkness and pain in his eyes. A loner who tells you to stay away, can you melt his icy exterior, or is he destined to remain alone forever?

◆ Hylie, The Air Spirit ◆

Hylie of the Sylph clan is a daydreamer and wanderer. He’s immediately curious about you and your stories of the human world—but is his interest in you genuine, or is he just craving something new and unfamiliar?