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Whiteout Survival – လှိုင်သာယာ&Hack

Whiteout Survival is a survival strategy game to center on a glacial apocalypse theme. Fascinating mechanics and intricate details await you to explore! The catastrophic decline in global temperatures has wreaked havoc on human society. Those who have made it out of their crumbling homes are now faced with a new set of challenges: vicious… ပိုပြီးဖတ်ပါ »

ZOMBIE Kingdom : Survival AFK Cheats&Hack

Become secret forces against bloody K-Zombie and save the kingdom! ရှေးရှေးတုန်းက, In the 29th year of King Sejong, Become Joseon’s special secretDetectiveand complete your mission! “The famine struck so hard this spring that there are people eating human flesh.The Joseon Dynasty is in chaos, and the King Sejong has… ပိုပြီးဖတ်ပါ »