CannaFarm: Idle Weed Farming – Bedriegt&Hack

door | augustus 14, 2022

🌱 Collect, Trade, Breed and Grow over 120+ popular strains of Cannabis with millions of possible hybrid strains!
πŸ—οΈ Build and Decorate your own CannaFarm to become a CannaMogul!
πŸͺ Take your best Buds and use them to make Cookies, Brownies, Kief, Snoep, and more type of Edibles and Extracts!
πŸ“— Complete the CannaPedia, a compendium of Cannabis strains and knowledge!
πŸ›οΈ Sell Buds, Seeds, and anything else from the Dispensary whenever you want!
πŸ‘‹ Visit your friendsFarms and power up their plants!
πŸ† Compete with fellow CannaFarmers on Local and Global Leaderboards.

πŸ“² Play CannaFarm today!

Upcoming Features:
πŸ¦‡ Catch Critters to earn Rewards and Treasure Chests!

Please Note:
⚠️ Some game items can be purchased for real money πŸ’°. Als u deze functie niet wilt gebruiken, Schakel in-app-aankopen uit. ⚠️CannaFarm requires an internet connection to play.
⚠️ CannaFarm does not promote drug (narcotics) abuse.
⚠️ CannaFarm is brought to you by Greenhouse Games. More games are coming soon!

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