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Monster WarBattle Simulator Cheats&Hack

Pet your monsters and bring your monster army into a massive single-player and PvP battle simulator! Verzamelen, upgrade, breed, evolueren, pet your monsters in the happy monster town, with hundreds of monster to be collected! KENMERKEN:★Auto-battle (MASSIVE)★Battle with over 100 monster characters in different elements: Brand, Grass, Water, Dark, Licht. Build the ultimate army formation… Lees meer »

Monster Survivor io:Action RPG – Bedriegt&Hack

No more lonely fights alone!Summon heroes and enjoy quick, easy play!Refreshing game feel, thrilling monsters, multiple growth paths, and even farming! Summoner’s Survival has everything you could ever want! Game Intro: Oh nee, a battle with a fearsome wave of monsters! Echter, you’re in the company of heroes, so there’s no need to worry, Rechtsaf?​ Lees meer »

Monster Quest: Seven Sins – Bedriegt&Hack

Catch monsters and battle across the Dimensions! The legendary fated one will come to Aurora Planet and experience the dynamic story surrounding the relic. Begin your adventure with ultimate monsters in Aurora Planet! 100+ Mighty Monsters to Raise.-Collect through the story as well as Augmented Reality capture to assemble your dream team!-Combine genes, talents and… Lees meer »

Monster Merge King – Bedriegt&Hack

Create a powerful Monster Team by merging monsters!Grow your monsters through adventures in diverse dungeons! – You can create a more powerful monster by merging.Use the diverse skills of Rare, Episch, and Legend monsters strategically.Make your monsters even more powerful through level up, upgrade, evolution, and transcendence.You can get powerful buff effects… Lees meer »

Idle Legend :Monster Evolution – Bedriegt&Hack

【Introduce】Come to collect, train and evolve your favorite pets. Build your strongest team, through challenges and adventures, become the top trainer! 【Feature】1. Unique pets and skills: You can collect your favorite pets, inspire their unique skills and moves, keep training and evolving them 2. Colourful adventures and challenges: Challenge major bosses through main storys and… Lees meer »