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Brain TrainingLogic Puzzles Cheats&Hack

A collection of brain puzzles IQ challenge in a cool design, a lot of addictive games in one game.Improve your skills, mental capacities, calculus, hukommelse, analysis, sharpness and perception etc with brain training games. TREKK:1: Very small installation package.2: Tens of thousands of level challenges.3: High performance and battery saving. The fun logic challenge allows… Les mer »

Logic Land Puzzles Adventures – Juksekoder&Hack

Help Jack and Alice find the treasures in Logic Land! In each of the five locations, interesting puzzles and brain games await you. This educational game includes more than 20 types of tasks, gjelder også:Guessing how a shape looks from above or belowFinding two pieces which together will build a squareContinuing a sequence of shapesGuessing which… Les mer »

Diggy’s Adventure: Problem Solving & Logic Puzzles Cheats&Hack

Join Diggy on his adventure story! Utforske verden, dig mines, discover hidden secrets of an ancient civilization & solve logic puzzles. Dig through mine mazes, fullføre oppdrag, levels and escape room, maze or mine in Diggy’s Adventure free online game! No secret may remain hidden in 2021 in this free maze game! Find your… Les mer »

Mr Logic – Juksekoder&Hack

Engage your brain. Get your tapping finger at the ready. It’s time to solve these clues and win the game. This is Mr Logic, the greatest mind workout that will entertain you for ages.How does it work?1. Download and open the app2. Take on puzzles and challenges3. Progress through the levels (there’s lots of them!)4.... Les mer »

Rød panda: Uformell slangebøsse & Animal Logic Game Cheats&Hack

Skynd deg! The hungry red panda is starving! 🐼 Feed him fruit and vegetables (e.g. a watermelon)! 🍉 But it will not be that easy! Exciting hurdles and tricky obstacles await you in funny puzzle adventure worlds and your logic, skill and patience are needed! A free and funny slingshot and panda game for every… Les mer »