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Food Fever: Restaurant Tycoon – Juksekoder&Hack

Food Fever: Restaurant Tycoon has every food that all cute customers want!What do our cute customers want to have today?Meet the mini cute staff at our restaurants! Lovely and interesting restaurants!Welcome to our Food Fever: Restaurant Tycoon ???????? Take orders from the guests.The staff takes orders, cooks, and serves food to the customers!You sit back… Les mer »

Idle Cinema Empire Tycoon Game Cheats&Hack

Ready to start your cinema management career? Let’s become a movie tycoon together! Expand the square in front of the cinema, upgrade the service facilities, get more films and arrange the film schedule. Attract more customers, provide the best movie experience, låse opp more auditoriums, and play the coolest movie! Build a variety of service settings,... Les mer »