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Crimson Twilight: Undead Lover – Juksekoder&Hack

■Synopsis■ You always have your finger on the pulse of local anomalies, folklore, and school scandals, giving you somewhat of a reputation as a meddler. Even the new transfer student, Yusuke Mallory, can’t catch a break from your curiosity. But what all-star jock, Gavin Hallow, your next-door neighbor, Sevrin Laurellane, and fellow classmates don’t realize… Les mer »

Udøde verden: Hero Survival – Juksekoder&Hack

Get ready for adventure in the Undead World in this new idle survival RPG! Udøde verden: Hero Survival is a survival and adventure strategy game. Explore a richly developed, visually exciting world full of unique characters. Samle inn, utruste, and upgrade your squad of heroes for battle against the roving hordes of zombies and outright war… Les mer »