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Av | oktober 4, 2022

Queen Debra and her Demon army is becoming a threat to the entire Demonic realm after taking out the Ghouls.
Now the tip of her sword is facing you, the Undead.
The Undead Skeleton Army needs a strong leader to fight against the Demons.

Nå, train a powerful Undead army with the Skeleton King
and wipe the Demons out!

★Game Features★
1. Break-out style RPG
A whole new genre that mixes Break-out and RPGs

2. Collect and enhance many different heroes
Create a strong Skeleton army by collecting and enhancing many different heroes
Have some fun with various skills and amazing abilities

3. Easy gameplay and delightful controls
Enjoy the game with easy-to-learn controls
Unique control compared to other Break-out style games

4. Fun Advancement
Become a stronger Skeleton King through features like skill trees, item combination, rune set crafting

5. Lots of quality content
– Vanlig, Uendelig, Gull, Boss, Raid Dungeon

※ Although Undead vs Demon can be downloaded for free, it includes some in-game items that can be purchased with cash.
※ Undead vs Demon stores all game data on the device. Deleting the app or changing your device will result in the loss of your data, so please be careful.
※ Customer Support: support@funtrigger.co.kr

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