Merged Cyborg – Kubera&Kuthyolako

Ndi | Januware 24, 2022

Kutuluka mu lab, lolani malingaliro anu asokonezeke, merge the machine. Using parts of different machines and create the ultimate cyborg runner, then test your experiments by letting them loose on a varied range of obstacle courses to race against other robot freaks in the ultimate competition where only the fittest will survive.
Masewera othamanga osangalatsa okhala ndi kusiyana kodabwitsa, Merged Cyborg combines strategy, kuganiza zapambuyo pake ndi sayansi yopenga kuti muwotche malingaliro anu ndikupeza adrenalin yanu ikukoka. Onetsani gene-ius wanu woyipa, wangwiro pixel iliyonse ya wothamanga wanu, and put them on the track to innovation success. Are you ready for the ultimate combination?


★ Only the fittest will survive – over 20 misinkhu yosiyanasiyana yokhala ndi maphunziro osiyanasiyana olepheretsa, different aspects of which requires different transformation advances. Mold your cyborg runner carefully in the lab, and if you don’t win the first time, try merging other DNA to produce the right combination for the course. Pitirizani kuyesera!
★ Build the ultimate machine right in your lab – fuse your robot with the parts from different machines to create the hundreds of genetic variations, each with their own unique survival advantages that will help overcome specific elements of the obstacles course. Give your robot the wings of an airplane to soar above the competition, a drill to break the walls, the tyres to run forwards.
★ The unique creation of your own – colorful graphics and cool character design merge with imaginative obstacles and eye-catching animation to make the world of Merged Cyborg a beautiful game right down to the last pixel, komanso malo osangalatsa komanso osangalatsa ogwiritsira ntchito nthawi yanu pamene mukusewera wasayansi wamisala.

Ever wonder what future humans can do with all the machine transformation? Take advantage of these amazing advances in engineering, download Merged Cyborg now, and merge different machine parts to create the ultimate cyborg athlete in this highly original running game that combines fast-paced races with strategic puzzle play as you combine the features of different auto-mobiles in the factory to produce the best robot for each individual obstacle course. Download Merged Cyborg now!!!