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'Bu̲ | Otubre 21, 2021

Ja 2038, ntsoni marea ar hyadi ar ximha̲i cambió pente. Ya ndu nzafi ar marea kadu̲ 'nar pa pe̲ts'i crearon grietas profundas ja ar corteza terrestre da conducen ár núcleo., revelar secretos mi hingi destinados da zo̲ni jar tsibi ar pa…

Ya monstruos bí ndu̲i bí po̲ni jar ha̲i. Pánico, Ntsu, ne ar sombra ar muerte envolvió nga̲tho ar planeta. Every country allied together and launched joint attacks against this new threat, but the human race seemed helpless against the endless raging waves of monsters.

In mankind’s last hour, a deep and powerful roar comes from nowhere, shocking both men and monsters. Has the legendary beast really awakened?

Mysteries await for you to uncover!

–Ya 'befi–

Solve puzzles to defeat monsters.
– Armar ar estrategia ne ar tácticas.
– 'Nar combinación 'nar 'ñeni hñäki táctico ne 'nar 'ñeni ar puzzle casual.

Build your own military base and recruit heroes.
Train giant beasts to boost your power.
Raise a mighty army and fight together with your beasts.

Recruit heroes and build a squad of elites for exploration.
Heroes are valuable assets to help you with the war ahead.

Fight alongside your allies. Chat with friends from all over the world!
Alliances help can speed up your base construction.
Gather allies to defeat enemies.
Weak alliances are prey to the strong. Will you fight or surrender?

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