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'Bu̲ | Nobyembre 23, 2021

Cave Driller is a new type of an idle simulation game.
Unlike other clicker idle games, Cave Driller does not required touch frequently, thus units will be mining automatically without clicking and touching, and drills will dig the ground to expand mine.
Hire and strengthen the important managers with special abilities, such as emptying warehouses, repairing broken mines, and increasing the efficiency of units to mine the minerals faster.
Not only mining on the earth, but also expand and build mine to get unique minerals in other planets by space exploring.
Special and valuable 23 types of minerals can be acquired as deeper the mine.
Achieve the best manager of the mine to fulfill billionaire dream by strengthening units, and equipment to earn more.

[Game Feature]
Automatic mine excavation and mineral mining even if left unattended without special operation
Explore and develop Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune
Mining the totals 23 types of minerals such as zircon, emerald, cobalt, and iridium
Various digging equipment is available such as turbo, hurricane, super, and Thor
Various mining equipment is available such as blade, claw, and destroyer
Various elevator equipment is available such as dash, lightning, and warp
Various storage vehicle equipment is available such as armor, bore, and jumbo
The manager system that helps mine operation to more convenient
A resource conversion system that able to recycle resources to strengthen various abilities
Various surprise mission such as mine closure, treasure chest, meteorite, and mineral vein discovery
News system that provides buff and de-buff effects in real time
Provided dozens of various missions
Provided various bonuses such as mini-games and space exploration
Supported 16 languages
Supported achievement and leaderboards
Supported tablet devices

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