Princesa ar moda – Tramposos&Hack

'Bu̲ | Otubre 21, 2021

¿Gi ne nei ko gracia jar pista hnei 'nar ko 'nar variedad ropas 'na'ño ne convertir gi ja 'nar estrella ar audiencia?? ¿Gí ne gi grabar ar hermoso ora ne publicar jar My Twiiiitter pa da millones ar pulgares nu'bu mañä?? Nu'bya nga̲tho nä'ä gi ne ar tsa̲ da dähä!
You can dress up the girl in any way you want! Including her skin, clothing, Ts'o̲e, etcetera. Imagine that you are a photographer, give your model the perfect look, and take a beautiful artistic photo! Ja ma 'ñeni, we have prepared Multiple selection of items for you to dress up your model! From head to toe, bags to jewelry, you can MIX Everything as you like, and you can also wear different Themed Suits that we have prepared for you, such as the witch of the Magic Academy, the Snow Queen and Princess Rose!
After dress up your girl, you can take a picture of her beautiful dress and send it on My Twiiiitter to get Thumbs up! The Thumbs up can be accumulated and you can use it to buy some of items you want for free!
Choose a set of exquisite suits on the dancing floor, then choose a set of dance steps, tap the screen, let her shine in the center of the dancing floor! Remember that the Thumbs up gained by dancing can also be used to purchase items!
【Game Features】
◾Any combination of hairstyles, thousands of clothes, etcetera.
◾Different theme suits realize your various dreams!
◾Dancing function, Social Media function!
◾HD picture quality, exquisite special effects, and realistic gaming experience!
Download the game NOW, and immediately become to the heroine!


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