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'Bu̲ | Setyembre 28, 2022

Enjoy a game of Hangman packed with wonder and challenge. This game requires lots of wit and a good intuition.

Hangman Word Game comes with 4 difficulty levels. Hangman is a word guessing game. You have to guess the word making as few mistakes as possible. The less mistakes, the bigger the score you will get.

Start playing now and improve your vocabulary and general knowledge!

Ya 'befi

– 4 Difficulty Levels: hei, Medium, Duro & Expert
Light Mode and Dark Mode
Works in both Portrait and Landscape Orientation
Game available in multiple languages
Meaningful hints
Cloud Save, so you can always pick up where you left off. Your data will be synchronized across your multiple devices
Local Statistics & Global Leaderboards for each Difficulty
Local & Global Achievements
You can compete with people around the world. Check the online leaderboards after each game to see your global standing.


The most common letters are e, t, a, o, i and n. Use them first to increase the odds of guessing the words.
Another approach is to guess the vowels first. Almost every word has at least one.
Scoring: If you guess a word without making any mistakes you get 100 points. But with each mistake your score will go down by 10 points.

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