Isla Ohana: Explota ya do̲ni ne construye trucos&Hack

'Bu̲ | Otubre 21, 2021

Olvidar ga nga̲tho ar ajetreo ne ar bullicio ar Dähnini, ne 'bu̲i 'nar nzaki ya'bu̲ ya preocupaciones ar 'ra'yo je̲ya 'ñeni ar emparejamiento “Isla Ohana”🏝️!
Abrir ventanas, respirar ar ndähi nxa, ne disfruta ar puzles & delicate 🌼flowers in your shop at the 🌴seaside⛵.
Match and blast puzzle, construye ne diseña ir de̲nda, Gi 'ra'yo mpädi, win rewards, uncover mysteries of the island, and become an aspiring florist with easy and fun games.
Run a shop and live the dream on an island of hope, amar, and happiness!

Características ar 'ñeni:
・🏝️Your own flower shop: solve puzzle games, release your creativity, and design your flower shop from drab to fab, all as you like! Put in furniture, grow flowers, dive for daily rewards, and even raise a 😸pet🐶!
・🏝️Unique puzzle game design: Partido & blast in 2 instead of traditional match-3! Find out tons of exploding combinations, ways of playing, and rewards in games. Invite your friend to play on the beach landscape & blast the level of flowers!
・🏝️Various puzzles: Dige 600 levels of tap-to-blast matching games designed by MYBO, the well-known game development team that was invited by ROVIO for their development of the matching puzzle gameAngry Birds Blast”.
・🏝️Meet your friends & customers: know a group of wild casts and make friends with Lily Maka, Kiko Kilani, Lucas Sweet, and some others.
・🏝️Uncover the secrets: explore new landscapes of the island, meet people from your neighborhood, and enjoy the lovely stories between characters in the game. Witness a romantic weddingand design the site with your flowers!
・🏝️Weekly events: bringing new puzzle challenge levels to spice up your games & get rewards!
・🏝️Play the game offline: don’t risk being bored the next time you can’t access the Internet, keep your shop open, and enjoy new puzzle levels in any place at any time!

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