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Luna’s Fate – Tramposos&Hack

NEW EXPERIENCE OF MMORPG in 2019! Luna’s Fate is western fantasy MMORPG with anime-style graphics. It feature a variety of dungeons, a massive world to explore, endless fight and many more to explore which you shouldn’t missed. [Synopsis of Luna’s Fate]During the chaos times in the beginning of the creation, there born a Giant who… Lei mäs »

Fate Contract -Worldwide Arena – Tramposos&Hack

This is a fair strategy MMORPG! CARACTERÍSTICAS AR 'ÑENI: 1.Fair game, NOT P2WTo ensure the fairness of the game, only monthly and lifetime cards are sold, and all players are at the same starting point! 2.Idle SystemSet your partners training while you’re away.Grow & Train a powerful squad without all the grinding! 3.Join the guild and… Lei mäs »

Luchadores ar 'mu̲i: Trucos ar hñäki ya anime&Hack

Pre-registrar ar nu'bya ne obtenga increíbles recompensas! Invita ja ir mpädi da desbloquear ya 'ra'yo recompensas ir nge ya hito preinscripción da alcancemos Desarrolla ir OC (personaje original) jar nuna dondogi 'ñeni ar cartas da mezcla CCG, Rpg & juegos ar hñäki ya anime! ■ Aprovecha el poder de las Cartas arcanas, 'nar CCG ko 'nar poderosa Nthuts'i anime klase tarot da permite... Lei mäs »

Fate of the Empress – Tramposos&Hack

Set in ancient China, Fate of the Empress is a turn-based RPG that faithfully recreates a majestic imperial city. Get ready for palace intrigue, beautiful 3D graphics, and a tale of love told through stunning animated cutscenes and expansive, complex gameplay. 【Feature】Royal Heir New gameplay! Raise your heirs and heiress from childbirth to young adults… Lei mäs »

Final Fate TD – Tramposos&Hack

An original take on tower defense, set in an anime world!Lovely waifus waiting to be pampered! StorylineA thousand years ago, Demon King, the mastermind behind the Void Calamity, was defeated by an alliance of Humans, Fiends and Deities. His power coalesced into three crystals scattered across Luna. Those immensely powerful crystals turned many Humans into… Lei mäs »

The Lost Fate of the Oni: Trucos 'ñeni romántico Otome&Hack

■SynopsisDangerous oni lurk outside, so you must never leave the mansion.Raised under the protective wing of your loving father, you’ve always heeded these words and stayed safe inside. Life in the mansion may be comfortable, but you wish that you could experience the outside world just once. 'Nar pa, your wish comes true, pe... Lei mäs »