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Dungeon Slayer : SRPG – Tramposos&Hack

■ Strategic battle with new move style!Familiar Turn-SRPG based on strategic moves.New and intuitive control method that visually draws your move direction. ■ Cute 2D GraphicsCute and unique heroes and monsters.Unreserved spectacular battle and skill display. ■ Form and level up your own Adventure TeamLet’s recruit talented heroes and set off on an adventure!Challenge various… Lei mäs »

Ar Brujo: Ar hyote monstruos – Tramposos&Hack

Ar Brujo: Monster Slayer ge 'nar 'ñeni ar exploración gu̲ki makwäni aumentada nä'ä di desafía ma convertir gi ja 'nar me̲dints'u̲ monstruos élite.. Mente exploras jar ximha̲i real ne ga rodea, ya bi thogi gi llevará mäs profundamente ja 'nar aventura fantasía oscura. Rastrea monstruos, gi meya yá hábitos, ne hoki gi pa ar hñäki. Selecciona ya mpädi mäs xi armas ne armaduras, and brew powerful… Lei mäs »

Titan Slayer: Roguelike Strategy Card Game Cheats&Hack

Collect powerful Companion Cards and form the greatest team!A free-to-play roguelite RPG, Titan Slayer is made with overwhelming quality and content! Use the Battalion generated from your own personalized deck to take on the Titan Slayer Dungeons! [Características ar 'ñeni]1. A cast of unique characters awaits you!Zealot, Bomber Girl, Witch, Caballero, and other extraordinary fantasy charactersCharacters… Lei mäs »