Traffic Cop 3D – Tramposos&Hack

'Bu̲ | Otubre 21, 2021

Ja ar sódido inframundo ar Dähnini, 'nar polisiya xi ho̲ntho kontra ya peligros tráfico 'bu̲i delante. Da zeti da raya ar crimen, nuna ar oficial ge ar único héroe mi pe̲ts'i ya Dähnini pa ndi proteger.

Patrulla ya calles 'bu̲ ya nxui, hantho ar getu'bu̲ ya coches ga rodean. Gí beni gi encontraste ja 'nar criminal? Then it’s time to scan their licence plate and test your instincts. Don’t let the crooks get away and escape to the highway, chase them down and pull them over before it’s too late.

Justice is waiting, in Traffic Cop 3D

Traffic Cop 3D features:
-Pursuit drivers
-Cruise through the streets
-Be the best cop in town!


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