Pigeon: A Love Story – Cheats&Hack

By | March 22, 2021

‘Pigeon: A Love Story’ is an experimental, meditative game that lets you explore a real-size 3D map of London… as a pigeon. Your mission is simple: find your pigeon-shaped soulmate. But with no hints, no clues, and lots and lots of pigeons, it’s not going to be easy.

The map of London is to scale and fully explorable, featuring street names and 3D models of key landmarks.

Important notes:

— This is a strange game. It probably won’t be for everyone.
— Featuring over 1,000,000 pigeons, and thousands of real London buildings, this game is graphically intensive; please be aware that it will only play smoothly on modern, high powered devices.
— The map of London is streamed live using real map data. As a result, this game will use data to play. Playing over WiFi is recommended if possible.
— For offline play, a limited offline mode is also available, set instead in a randomly generated cityscape. Save your progress offline, then switch to online later!