Historia pielęgniarki mózgu – Cheaty&Włamać się

przez | październik 13, 2021

Myślisz, że jesteś mądry?
Hej, dołącz do nas i ciesz się grą : Brain Nurse Story easily
Download this popular brain game and use logic to solve fun and clear puzzles!

Ta gra logiczna dla mózgu to magiczne narzędzie, które pomoże nam inaczej myśleć i rozwiązywać zabawę, unpredictable tasks.
Let exercise every part of your brain

Playing is easy!
Identify the missing element and add it to the drawing in this delightful puzzle game that will get you thinking and make you smile time and time again
Just touch the screen and drag your finger to erase part of the drawing and see what lies behind it
Like a detective’s magnifying glass, your finger is the key to unraveling the hidden behind each character

1. New fun riddles, interesting puzzle games
2. Unimagined gameplay and unexpected game answers
3. Most vivid game effect and interesting sound
4. Endless fun and brain-pushing games, Ćwicz Twój mózg
5. The perfect combination of brain quiz and discovery gameplay to get target items!
6.It evaluates your logical think ability, reflexes, precyzja, memory and creativity

Próbować, try and try again. There’s no penalty for failure in Brain Nurse. If you can’t find the right answer the first time, keep on thinking and keep on experimenting until you hit on the solution. Na co czekasz? Download the game: choose the best online store for your device. Do it, I’m watching you!

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