Dungeon Dungeon : Przetrwanie – Cheaty&Włamać się

przez | styczeń 10, 2023

Dawno temu, the dungeons unleashed endless hordes of monsters that drove mankind to the brink of destruction.
Until one day, brave heroes with powerful skills sacrificed their lives to seal the dungeons away, bringing peace to mankind.
Hundreds of years have passed since then. Teraz, the seals have weakened, and one by one the dormant dungeons have begun to awaken
ty, who now bear witness to this tale, your eyes remind me of the heroes of yore

◆ Features
– Graj w dowolnym miejscu, anytime with simple and easy touch controls!
Shoot down endless waves of monsters with a rain of bullets!
Face off against powerful bosses in intense boss battles!
Conquer dungeons with a wide variety of skills and crafting recipes!
Explore all sorts of themed dungeons brimming with unique monsters!

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