Imposter Bomb Among Us – Cheaty&Włamać się

przez | Styczeń 10, 2021

Have you ever thought what it would be like to play a game with a bomb as a ball? 💣⚽️ Teraz możesz się dowiedzieć! Niesamowita gra w piłkę głową.

Wybuchowy mecz, pass the bomb to the other impostor if you don’t want to lose and don’t let it fall on your side of the ship💣

Become part of the Among us crew and enjoy a great explosive among us game!!!

Defeat the opponent with deadly kicks to win the tournament.

Impostor Bomb Fall is a simple and easy-to-use game inspired by Pośród nas, perfect to spend an entertaining time.
It is ideal for both sports and Piłka nożna fans, as well as fans of the space game Among us.

🚀The ship is your field and the crew your team, a battle between impostors, There are several playable crewmates to choose from!
👟The matches will take place in the corridors of the ship, and they will be wild battles, since both players will be impostors.

Don’t wait to finish your tasks to join the most explosive match in the galaxy, download Impostor Bomb Fall now!