Rubber Hunter: Sea World – Cheaty&Włamać się

przez | wrzesień 13, 2022

The story sets sail in an epic anime RPG with all your expected pirate characters in this hit anime adventure! Gather them all and form the team to become The Pirate King!
Strap on your peg leg, roll up your sleeves and stock all the rum you can carry because the pirate adventure you’ve been dreaming of has finally arrived!
Join the anime pirate adventure! Travel the high seas in real-time PVP battles to loot treasure, building your crew and collecting legendary creatures. Gameplay is similar to a traditional MMORPG where you gather loot and grow stronger as you level up.
Become a legendary pirate treasure hunter! Search for the legendary treasure and battle your way to become the Pirate King! This epic anime adventure begins when you join all your favorite characters from the manga in this real-time pvp berry coin collecting adventure game!
-Classy anime graphics
-Nad 2,000 anime stars as possible recruits!
-Upgrade your bounty hunter ship to loot more treasure!
-Make your own pirate crew and battle through the seas!
-Classic manga story comes to life
-Anime RPG
-Diverse and unpredictable world
-Bitwa & recruit ANY anime character you can think of
-For anime fans
-Anime battle RPG game with RPG leveling and limit break mechanics
-Battles have unique skills you can use
-Lots of pirate action and side quests
-Relaxed casual gaming

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