Zardzewiałe jezioro: Korzenie – Cheaty&Włamać się

przez | maj 1, 2021

Życie Jamesa Vanderbooma drastycznie się zmienia, gdy sadzi specjalne ziarno w ogrodzie domu, który odziedziczył. Rozszerz swój rodowód, odblokowując portrety w drzewie życia.

Zardzewiałe jezioro: Roots to druga gra przygodowa typu point-and-click, stworzona przez Rusty Lake, twórcy serii Cube Escape i Rusty Lake Hotel.


Easy to start but hard to put down.
Unique storyline:
Experience the beginning and end of characterslives and build your own family tree.
– Więcej niż 33 poziomy:
The biggest Rusty Lake game so far is filled with puzzles
Full of suspense and atmosphere:
Switching from calm to very dark moments
Immersive soundtrack:
Each level has its own theme song and variations
– Osiągnięcia:
The tree has more secrets to unravel

Click on the arrows, drag or swipe to navigate around the environment. Some objects you can drag. Interact with people and objects by clicking. Select found items in your inventory and click somewhere on screen to use them.

Please email us at if you are experiencing any problem. For all players who experience a small glitch, please try the Reset level option in settings first, if this doesn’t work, let us know so we can fix it in an update!

We will unfold the Rusty Lake story one step at a time. So check every day for new content!

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