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It’s time to duke it out in KOF Arena!
Experience real-time battles against fighters from all over the world!

Enjoy the action of KOF anywhere, w każdej chwili!
Enter KOF Arena and become the strongest fighter in the world in the newest installment of the greatest fighting game series, The King of Fighters!

◆ Emerge victoriously, easily, and quickly!
Fight with ease using button controls optimized for mobile devices.
Faithful to the KOF SeriesExperience the tight action firsthand!

◆ Create your very own dream team!
The powerful, unique fighters of KOF are all here!
You can even put Orochi and Rugal on the same team! Form the most powerful team of all time and become a champion!

◆ Fierce battles against contenders from all over the world!
Compete against contenders from around the world in real-time!
Raise your Mastery levels and climb the tiers to prove your might!

※ Ta aplikacja umożliwia zakupy w aplikacji. Możesz wyłączyć tę funkcję, dostosowując ustawienia urządzenia.
※ By downloading this game, akceptujesz nasze Warunki korzystania z usługi i Politykę prywatności.

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