Play Motus – Letter Game πŸŸ₯ Cheats&Hack

By | March 8, 2022

Welcome in Play Motus for Android, inspired from the famous TV game show Lingo, halfway between a Mastermind and a word game!

The goal is simple: you must find a word whose only the first letter is displayed in six attempts. If a letter is present and well placed, it will be displayed in red. It it is present but misplaced, it will be displayed in yellow. And if not present, the box will stay blue.

Four game modes are available:

β–ͺ Classic : you must find ten words in a given amount of time.
β–ͺ Time Trial : you must find as many words as possible in a given amount of time. When you find a word, a few seconds will be added to your timer!
β–ͺ Survival : no time limit in this mode! Just try to find as many words as possible, you play as long as you find words!
β–ͺ Training : a lovely game mode without any time limit πŸ™‚

Customizable options:

β–ͺ Keyboard type: QWERTY, AZERTY or ABCDEF.
β–ͺ Word language: you can play with English or French dictionaries.
β–ͺ Word length: 5 to 12 letters.
β–ͺ Word difficulty: easy, medium or hard.
β–ͺ Choose to always start from the second letter, or from the first non-found letter of the current word.

A few numbers and information about the application:

β–ͺ Play with almost 300.000 English words from 5 to 12 letters! You can play common nouns, adjectives, adverbs, infinitive, present participle and past participle verb forms, but proper nouns and conjugated verbs are not allowed! You can also try the French mode and play with more than 350.000 words from the “language of MoliΓ¨re”, if you want to.
β–ͺ Three levels of difficulty based on the words frequency in several search engines.
β–ͺ The “politically incorrect” words will be accepted but not proposed while playing.

We hope that you have fun and enjoy our application!