Pocket Ships Tap Tycoon: Idle Cheats&Hack

By | March 16, 2023

Welcome to an amazing idle clicker harvest game. Own your idle naval ship fleet and gather gold and become rich in this idle tap tycoon simulator.

Tap to harvest crops and earn coins in this new ship idle tycoon simulator game.
Enjoy exciting opportunities and build your new idle cities, explore the ocean, discover amazing daily events, play challenging minigames and join leagues to get great rewards.

Upgrade your idle tycoon seaport, unlock docks, buy war ships, use evolution to gain more money, hire a skilled manager for every ship and use your craft to be the best builder clicker hero of the century.

This Idle tycoon clicker game is the perfect simulator game for your pocket.

★ Raise your sailing empire and civilization: Upgrade your idle coastal seaport, aquire lots of gold, make a huge income and become a rich trade manager

★ Explore new horizons, unlock rich seaport islands: Every idle seaport is unique in an amazing idle world. Unlock farms, wooden or tropical paradise towns and more.

★ Be a great manager, upgrade, level up and customize your idle tycoon ship fleet from a tiny boat to battleship: Our idle tycoon tap clicker game offers a huge number of cool ships to unlock as you play and the possibility to change colours to your taste. Get your royal battleship added to your idle fleet!

★ Hire your favourite sea captain and township manager: Automate your process to increase your coin income as in the best idle tycoon clicker games.

★ Harvest crops and fresh goods for trading: Grow your idle farm , tap on farmers and horses to speed up the production or let managers to handle it for you.

★ Collect amazing items: Get item collections from events, unique chest bonuses and use them to boost your income and become the richest tycoon ever.

★ Send your idle tycoon naval fleet squadron on adventures and expeditions: Unlock various everyday events for different types of ship from a boat to a battleship.

★ Conquer big corsair ships and defeat pirates with your idle fleet and get special booty: Lots of gold, less of those nasty pirates sailing is better for trading and your idle building.

★ Join leagues: Play for fame and amazing gem rewards.

★ Merge items to get better boosts for your ships, farmers and wagons.

★ Play minigames: Challenge yourself with minigames.

★ Customize: Paint the hull and sails of your ships as you like.

★ Play offline: No internet connection required, grab your mobile and play anywhere offline. Be online at home and get even more daily gold and cash.

★ Get star bonus and gem rewards: Collect stars by upgrades.

★ Free to download

Build your idle tycoon harbor empire offline and become an idle builder billionaire manager.
Do you enjoy idle games, idle builders, tap games or management games? Don’t miss your chance!

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