Pride of Nindo – Cheats&Hack

By | May 16, 2023

Pride of Nindo is an idling-style RPG performed by live 2d which you can play with on both PAD and smart phone!
Guide your partners of character and head to a venture to find lost relics!
■■■■■ Pride of Nindo features ■■■■■

■Idling Battle Mode
Deploy your characters in advance, they will battle then automatically.

■Amazing Animation Clip
Each character has its unique skill animation!

■Deep World View
Deep and yet to be discovered stories!

■Eye-feasting Outfits
Pick some good outfits for your characters! Their skill effects will be changed together!

■Summon Ninjas to Enrich Your Team
[Enhance] and [Scrolls] make your ninjas stronger. [Jutsu] will grants them new skills!
Assemble your ninjas to form a fierce team!

■Game with Your Guild
Join a guild of your friend or a stranger and strut on the road of stronger!