Prison:Commando Fighting Game – Cheats&Hack

By | December 13, 2021

Fighting games are liked when there are good fighting environments. Like many shooting games where fighting is a core part of the game play, fighting games are known for the muscle power as is the gun quality and power in shooting games. You are a champion of Commando Fighting game if you have strong power and a good strategy to take down the opponent. Your kicks and punches will define the success or failure.
You have been detained for illegal allegations, you have not done wrong but the mafia wants to keep you in the jail so that they can keep looting the people in the city. You need to get hold on the key of the jail lock. Once you open the lock you will have to escape carefully as the guards may watch you. If there is any chance of commando attack, do not shout as the voices may alert other commandos and you will be in big trouble.
Shooting means death, so do not give chance to guards on duty to shoot on you. Just escape from the jail or fight with your hands and legs to avoid noise for your escape.