Psychic Supernatural Boyfriend – Cheats&Hack

By | December 25, 2022


You’re fresh out of the detective academy and ready for your first assignment. Thanks to your acute ability to sense the supernatural, you’re tasked with hunting down your first demon alongside a veteran detective.

Unfortunately, the job is anything but a walk in the park, and you soon realize you’ve stumbled onto something bigger than anyone could have imagined. While your senses can detect massive amounts of energy, it seems the demons can track you just as easily. Backed by a human partner and two demons who can’t seem to get enough of you, can you get to the bottom of this?


Yuni — Your Stoic Partner

Yuni’s not a man of many words, but when he does have something to say, he never pulls any punches. He’s cold at first, but you soon find out that he has never been able to connect with anyone after ‘The Incident.’ Will you be the one to help him out of his slump?

Izumi — Your Eccentric Sidekick

Izumi’s fun and charming personality makes him the perfect guy to have on your team. He’s a demon and knows all of their tricks, but can he really be trusted? His cheesy pickup lines and fruitless attempts at flirtation seem to be his way of teasing you as a newbie… But you can’t help but feel there may be something more to it…

Ichiro — Your Hotheaded Companion

An unlikely match, Ichiro joins your group serendipitously after you catch him snooping around town. He’s a loud and aggressive demon, but you soon begin to see he has a soft side to him too. He’s never had a place to belong before, but he believes he’s found one on your team. Will you be the first to see him for who he truly is?