Pequeno panda: Cheats de artesanato do DIY Festival&Hackear

De | abril 17, 2021

Quais presentes você gostaria de dar aos seus amigos no festival? Que tal artesanato faça você mesmo?? Neste app, Você pode fazer artesanato como cortes de papel de janela, bolos de lua, e chapéus de natal. Vamos começar!

Spring Festival is coming. Vamos fazer cortes de papel para janelas! Flor de ameixa, borboleta, peixinho dourado… Escolha o padrão que você gosta? Fold the paper in half, cut along the pattern, and the window paper-cut is ready!

How about giving your friends sweet moon cakes at the Mid-Autumn Festival? Cut the dough into pieces and cover them with mung bean paste. Press them into the moon cake mold and steam them. Wow, the moon cakes smell good! Your friends will love them.

How can you enjoy Halloween without jack-o-lanterns? Cut open a pumpkin and carve a mouth and eyes on it. Put an electric candle inside the pumpkin and stick on fairy stickers. The jack-o-lantern is so cute. Let’s go trick-or-treating!

Design a Christmas hat for your friend! Cut a semicircle out of a piece of paper and roll it into a cone. That’s it? NO! You also need to stick soft cotton on it and decorate it with green balls.

There are more festival crafts like couplets, Christmas trees, Halloween cloaks, and dragon lanterns for you to learn. Come and join us!

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