Quaser One – Cheats&Hack

By | March 7, 2023

Control your spaceship, manage your resources!
Challenging sci-fi resource management and spaceship simulation game.

Quaser is a sci-fi resource management game in which you manage different sections of a spaceship with scarce resources. The complexity involved in keeping the ship functional and oneself alive is the core of the game. Watch the gauges and monitor your resources carefully and hold your breath – space is unforgiving.

You are the command module pilot of the spaceship Quaser, in this resource management game. All goes smoothly until the craft is halfway through its mission, when increasing failures threatens the crew’s oxygen and power supplies.

You faced with the possibility of becoming marooned in space. Your oxygen could run out, you could be poisoned by carbon dioxide accumulations, or you could freeze to death when your electricity run out. You have to survive managing 5 different sections of the ship with limited resources to reach your destination.


4 years ago, the spaceship Quaser-II from Earth journeyed deep into the galaxy. There due to an anomaly, it crash landed on the planet 228 Hydra.

All communication is lost since then. But before cut-off from Earth, strange encrypted messages received from the ship.

After eighteen months of preparation, Quaser-II’s little brother spacecraft Quaser-I is set on route to unravel the mystery surrounding the incident and save the crew.

But the increasing number of failures aboard the ship and lack of resources, chances of successfully completing the mission seems more distant than ever…

* Localised in Englsh and Turkish (Türkçe).
* Space survival and resource management
* Spaceship simulation
* Unique real-time strategic gameplay
* Polished HD graphics
* A dark and melancholic ambience
* Epic enigmatic story
* Non-combat strategy
* Regular updates with user feedback
* No ads or in-app purchase
* No permissions required