Rescue Master – Draw Game Cheats&Hack

By | April 17, 2022

“How well can you draw?
🌟Do you want to test your creativity or drawing ability? Draw Rescue allows you to create your own style.

🌟Draw a line to protect the from bombs, swords, bullets, arrows… and many other life threatening attacks! You can draw stunts, walls, shelters and any kind of protection to help the survive. Learn to draw lines creatively, develop logic and improve your brain! Try your best to pass all the levels!

✏ Addictive and relaxing.
✏ Entertaining and killing time.
✏ Exercise for your brain.
✏ Challenge your creativity.
✏ Simple yet fun combination of logic puzzle game and drawing game.
✏ Hundreds of puzzles for your imagination.
Turn your creativity and mind to the maximum to solve all the Puzzles. And believe that taking the time to get smarter is the best way to succeed!
Be enjoy!”