Rescue Mission: Sneaky Police – Cheats&Hack

By | April 17, 2022

Rescue Mission – are you up to the challenge?

Looking for an engaging casual stealth hack and slash that’s easy to get the hang of but offers engrossing action and real tactical challenges? Rescue Mission: Sneaky Police is a top-down action-packed game with intelligent mechanics, loads of cool melee weapons, guns, and an addictive gameplay that’ll have your trigger finger itching and tickle your strategic brain.

Sneak, dodge, run and take cover, then pick off multiple targets to complete endless levels of thrilling action and get awesome rewards 🎖️ so you can purchase your gear and prove your agents worthy of the elite force!

🔥 The pinnacle of mobile action games🔥
★ Think before you move – Rescue Mission: Sneaky Police features an intuitive gameplay but you can’t just go out slashing your way through. You’ll need to pause and think, plan your moves and play the angles to take out all your enemies and reach the end of the progressively more challenging levels.
★ The action never ends – over 80 unique levels, each requiring its own tactical approach and ever more ingenious strategy to master, providing extra challenges and awesome rewards for your 🕵️‍♂️ elite agents.
★ A huge arsenal – over 30 melee weapons and guns to collect, cherish and upgrade, including hatchet, katana, pistols, shotguns, SMGs, and much more. Earn diamonds in levels and reach game benchmarks to try out different weapons that suit you best.
★ Amazing graphics and sounds – Rescue Mission: Sneaky Police boasts simple but stylish graphics that are light enough to play on any device while also looking sleek and cool, as well as a fantastic and atmospheric soundtrack to enhance the action and adventure.

Sneak around is the way to go…💡
Plan your moves and let the inner assassin take you to the edge-of-your-seat with this stealth action game. Looking for a new take on a top-down shooter that combines tactical challenges with really engaging gameplay, stylish looks, and super-cool sounds, and a huge arsenal of weapons to ensure there’s always something new that’ll keep you coming back for more and more.

Download Rescue Mission: Sneaky Police now for thrills, adventure, and guaranteed sneaking happiness.