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By | December 4, 2020


Many of you may have heard of me, know me, or at least challenged my gym, if not then I’ll highly suggest you not to read this. As I meet people along this server and they got to know me, they’d either call me “laid-back” or “easy-going.” Now there were some things you didn’t actually know about me, I had opinions for each and every one of you and they typically were either bad or good. I’m not one to judge, but if they’re my opinions and I don’t tell anyone, but maybe friends then it’s allowed in my book. If you would like to see what kind of opinion I had about you you can check at the end of this post, if you want to keep reading go ahead.

My History:

I was a poor soul when I first joined, nobody really stood by me, I felt like an average solo player. I didn’t really mind it cause I thought of it as just another online game that’d I’d probably never take seriously and leave later, but I found out it was more than that. At the time Minecraft was a pretty fun, and when I had something combined like my favorite childhood game mashed up with a currently popular game I began to enjoy it more and felt the way that some other players thought of it, so I stayed a bit longer. I was later introduced to TS3 server, where at the time was just using speakers to play and didn’t have a microphone. I got to meet some players that I to this day still talk to, and they really inspired me to stay with the community and enjoy it more, which would explain why I’m still here to this day. Months later I applied for the rank “Gymleader” and was declined many times until the Ground Gym was desperate.

Why I’m Resigning:

Time sometimes is a problem for me, I can’t control when or where I’ll be when I’m needed, hopefully most of you will understand that one person can’t be everywhere. My future means a lot to me and when I’m putting in all the time I can possibly put in it means I actually care about my rank. I wouldn’t give up my life for a rank on a server, there are things that mean a lot more to me than that. My choices can be uncertain at times, but for now this is my real decision. I will definitely hop online time to time, but you won’t see me as much as you used to, that’s if I decide to return.

So it’s that time again!

Due to the (not so recent) recent update, many more Pokemon, Abilities and Moves became available for the community to use. Because of this, it became time to update the Gym Teams again. However, this time, things are a little different.

The overall system will be the same, however, the normal gyms (20-90) are no longer as difficult as they can be. Each gym team is now centered around a theme, meaning that they are not necessarily as “impossible” as they were. These are designed to teach players that are newer to the competitive scene about different strategies, not to challenge the players that already know everything. These themes are as follows:

Rock Gym: Sturdy + Entry

Water Gym: Rain

Electric Gym: Volt-Turning/Momentum

Grass Gym: Status

Poison Gym: Stall

Psychic Gym: Trick Room

Fire Gym: Sun

Ground Gym: Phazing

Aditional information
Due to technical issues all the dark-blue nametags, wich prove that you beat the latest version of the gyms, were reset. If you beat all the gyms after the 25th of april 2015 you can contact the gym-manager. He will be able to check your gym information via your forum profile and fix your dark-blue nametag.

I wish you all luck on training for these special teams and hope you’ll eventually overcome this new hurdle in your pokemon adventure and become the very best!

Hello Pixelmoncrafters, the level 100 teams are finally here!
As for the people that don’t know what I’m talking about, the level 100 teams will provide an extra challenge on top of the normal gyms. They will be our unique equivalent of an Elite 4.

How do they work?
You will be able to challenge the level 100 teams once you’ve beaten the most recent version of all the gyms. Now, since we’ve had a glitch in the scoreboard system lately, everyone who earned the dark-blue nametag already will have to ask the gym-manager to fix this (more information about this further in the topic). Once you started with challenging the level 100 gym teams you will not be able to reset your badges! Your progress in beating the level 100 teams will be tracked by the gymleaders, so you don’t have to do anything (except for beating the teams ofcourse). So, if you want to challenge one of these level 100 gym teams you need to have the dark-blue nametag. Then you can ask a gymleader to challange his/her level 100 team. The normal gymrules are also in place for the level 100 battles.

The Teams
The Level 100 Teams themselves are not completely monotype. Each Gym team contains 3 Pokemon of that gym’s type and 3 other Pokemon. These “other” Pokemon have been specifically chosen to counter the main threats to the teams, so it’s not going to be a walk in the park!

Now then, Prizes. For the esteemed battler who has managed to beat all 8 of the Level 100 Gyms, they will receive another name color change in tab, to a deep-red color. They will be given a beacon, 2500 PixelPoints, their own player head to place wherever they wish, and their own pedestal in the Hall Of Fame! The player will be able to choose from a select number of blocks to have on their pedestal, and then their player head will also be placed upon it, with a statue of their favorite Pixelmon next to the podium.

The Hall of Fame
As mentioned earlier, players who have beaten all the level 100 teams will receive a spot in the Hall of Fame. The warps to the Hall of Fame are /warp halloffame or simply /hof. Inside and around the building are some Easter Eggs to explore. Below you can see some screenshots of the new area.

The Level 100 Gyms will remain as they have been (but with different Pokemon), which will now be the more challenging part of the gyms for the experienced players.

As of this being posted, the Hall of Fame has been cleared and all players who have acquired the navy/red name have had them reverted to grey, as they will have no longer beaten the most recent gyms. Badges will not be universally reset and you must contact Smushi to get them reset.

I’ve noticed the water and fire team run around weather (Rain and Sun),

When two different weather changing pokemon enter the battle, the battle will close. What is the course of action the gyms will take to allow for this, will re-throws happen? or does the gymleaders pokemon be sent out and the challenger must choose another?

I am aware that conflicting weather is a huge issue right now, especially for rain/sun teams, however, seeing as it is unavoidable, it would be better to avoid using conflicting weather to avoid crashing the battle, at least for the time being. I know it limits the choices for the challenger, but it is unavoidable right now.

However, if it does occur, rethrows will be available to try and avoid it, especially if one of the weather-setters has fainted.