Превосходство 1914 – Коды к стратегической игре о мировой войне в реальном времени&Взломать

К | апрель 22, 2021

Выберите свою любимую нацию во время Первой мировой войны и займите высший пост в желаемой империи.. Сбалансируйте производство материалов, войска и вооружение с редкими ресурсами, которые может предложить ваша земля. Создавайте союзы со своими конкурентами, заключайте важные торговые сделки или сражайтесь сами по сценарию Первой мировой войны, с которым вам предстоит столкнуться. This rough period demands a valiant leader like you. Ensure your peoples survival, train them to join their brothers in arms on the battlefields on foot, as cavalry or even place them into the first experimental tank. Develop your country and slowly conquer the world.

“Immersive Strategy – This is not a game that you play once and forget; the world map is huge, and the options available are vast. Your game may go on for months at a time!” 9.3/10 – MMO Games

“Supremacy 1914 seems pretty interesting and will definitely be one of your favorites if you like this genre. There is also role playing going on which will make you feel at home.” 8.6/10 – OMGSpider

Veteran grand strategy players will see their strategic skills be put to use on the battlefields in this huge World War I game, battling with economy, armies and the ever growing threat presented by your opponents. Play as Wilhelm II or change history however you want. In Supremacy your imagination and skill are your only limits! Вплоть до 500 players can compete in real time on historical and fictional scenarios.

✔ Real Time Multiplayer
✔ Up to 500 real opponents per map
✔ Realistic distances and unit movement
✔ Multiple maps and scenarios to play
✔ Historically accurate troops and vehicles
✔ Experimental weapons and units of the time
✔ Frequent updates and new content
✔ Forge alliances with other players
✔ Win together in coalitions
✔ Play on all of your devices

If you are an existing Call of War or Conflict of Nations player, feel free to use your existing account to play the game!

To learn more or join the сообщество please visit:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Supremacy1914/
Превосходство 1914: https://www.supremacy1914.com

S1914 is free to download and play. Some game items can also be purchased for real money. Если вы не хотите использовать эту функцию, пожалуйста, установите защиту паролем для покупок в настройках вашего приложения Google Play Store.