Save Lady Episode: Rescue The Girl – Hey girl! Cheats&Hack

By | February 25, 2021

😱😱 Oops! The Lady’s boyfriend cheated on her. Can you save her love story?

Save Lady Episode is a tricky puzzle game, so there are many types of questions. Some of them are funny, but some of them may make your brain melted. Get it wrong, then it won’t end well for our lady.


🎍 Don’t Be Tricked!
Each level of Save The Lady – Hey Girl game give you two or three choices. Your mission is to give the correct answer to continue. Wrong answers will lead to the bad result for the lady. So be careful with your choices.

🎍 So many interesting levels to solve
There are many story to explore in Rescue Girl – Hey Girl! You will save the girl get through many dramas like in real life. Did you ever skip school? What would you do if your boyfriend cheat on you? You will experience it all with Save The Lady. Try to make the right choice.

🎍 Save Lady Episode is suitable for everyone
Everybody can play Save The Lady. If you get stuck , don’t be shy. Ask for help from your friends and family! You will definitely have a good time with everyone.

Stay in and play Save The Girl – Rescue Girl that most addicting and satisfying game. Feel the gratification of solving funny, difficult problems and save the girl from harm’s way. Use that big brain of yours and let’s get solving!

Save Lady Episode: Rescue The Girl – Hey girl is a Tricky Puzzle and extremely interesting game. Do not miss it ❗❗❗

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