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Happy Corn – ٺڳي&ڇِڪيو

Happy Corn has never been so satisfying and breathtaking.Enjoy the destruction now!In this fast-moving and enormously fun casual platform game the aim is to slice corn, but watch out the obstacles!آسان ڪنٽرول!Cutting corn and become cutting master! Happy Corn has never been so satisfying and breathtaking. Enjoy the destruction now!In this fast-moving and enormously fun… وڌيڪ پڙهو »

Convenience Stories – ٺڳي&ڇِڪيو

Are you ready to redefine convenience? Step into the shoes of a convenience store manager in this charming business sim. Arrange and customize the store using a wide variety of products – مٺائي, drinks, even hot meals. چونڊ توهان جي آهي! Add a news stand to sell the latest magazines, comic books, ۽ وڌيڪ. Just… وڌيڪ پڙهو »

Bank Job: Idle Business – ٺڳي&ڇِڪيو

Become a multi billionaire by running your own bank! Do you think it’s easy?See for yourself! خاصيتون:– Run your own bankExpand & کوليو new safesUpgrade your employeesDefend against robbersPrint moneyBecome filthy rich! ياد رکو – it’s your bank and your clients! Do your job efficiently, take care of your finances, ۽… وڌيڪ پڙهو »

Stack Ball 3D – ٺڳي&ڇِڪيو

This is the new FREE FUNNY stack smash game!When Tapping Action Continuously Happened, Smash Ball changed into Fire Ball. خاصيت:♣ Crazy speed.♣ Smooth and simple control!♣ Support multiple languages!♣ Many exciting and unique balls!♣ more than a thousand interesting levels!♣ Gorgeous effect! A fun and addictive game, come and join in the fun!Immerse yourself in… وڌيڪ پڙهو »

تماشي : يوڪي چيٽس جو عروج&ڇِڪيو

Tamashi حاصل ڪرڻ لاءِ لاگ ان ٿيو: فلور ۽ خاص عنوان Demon Slayer. اچو ته فلور توهان سان گڏ هن مهاڀاري جرات تي! تماشي: يوڪي جو اڀار آهي anime طرز 3D MMOARPG, جتي توهان رستو پار ڪري سگهو ٿا ۽ هر قسم جي يوڪائي ۽ سرپرست روحن سان وڙهندا جن کي تماشي سڏيو ويندو آهي.. راند پيش ڪري ٿي هڪ عميق تجربو هڪ شيطان بڻجڻ جو… وڌيڪ پڙهو »

Pusher ALL – ٺڳي&ڇِڪيو

صحيح وقت تي ٽوڪن ۾ رکو ۽ وڌيڪ حاصل ڪريو, ۽ هاڻي پنهنجو ايڊونچر شروع ڪريو جيترو وڌيڪ توهان رانديون کيڏندا آهيو, وڌيڪ ٽوڪن توهان کٽي سگهو ٿا! خاص خاصيتن سان پاور اپ استعمال ڪندي پنھنجي ٽوڪن گڏ ڪرڻ کي وڌايو, ٽوڪن جي ديوار کي وڌايو, خوش قسمت ٽوڪن پشر کي تيز ڪريو, بم اڇلائڻ, ۽ سڀني مجموعن کي ڇڪيو! ڏس… وڌيڪ پڙهو »

Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon – ٺڳي&ڇِڪيو

Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon launches on March 29, 2022!فيسبوڪ: It’s a time when the Dark Titan has mastered the evil power of the void and with it, he commanded countless demons to invade the continent of humans. Against the backdrop of such a chaotic world, you begin a journey of pursuing your destiny. Along the… وڌيڪ پڙهو »