Blind Drive – ٺڳي&ڇِڪيو

پاران | اپريل 15, 2021

Blind Drive is an audio-based, black comedy arcade action game.

You’re blindfolded and going against traffic. Cars rushing past, angry drivers yelling at you. Cops on your tail. And you can’t see a thing. Can you do it?

The entire game is experienced through your ears. Play as Donnie, trying to make a quick buck in a scientific study but quickly finding himself in over his head, cuffed to the wheel and driving blindfolded. Plus he’s late for dinner with Grandma.

** Headphones required **

Hyper-immersive 1st-person audioso good you can play with your eyes closed
Fast-paced, 2-button arcade gameplay
– 27 levels including boss fights, secret areas and a very rude G.P.S.
Hilarious crime-comedy story with mobsters, dolphins and your angry Grandmother, performed by a full cast of voice actors
Minimalistic, jazzy visuals
Ultra-fine haptics (vibrate) for supported devices
Gamepad support
Full TalkBack accessibility support. Tap 3 times with 3 fingers to enable

• “Blind Drive is a masterpiece”KeenGamer, 10/10
• “Thrilling, funny and a triumph of audio game design”Finger Guns, 9/10
• “Immediately addicting”GameSpew, 9/10
• “Basically Virtual Reality for your ears” – Mashable
• “Proper clever” – PC Gamer

• “Top Ten AwardGoogle Play Indie Games Contest, London, UK, 2017
• “Best SoundandInnovationNominee, BIG festival, Brazil, 2021
• “Innovation in Game AwardHonorable MentionLudicious Game Festival, Zürich, Switzerland, 2017
• “Most Compelling Game Mechanics AwardNomineeBoston Festival of Indie Games, Cambridge, MA, 2017
• “Official SelectionEGX Rezzed Leftfield Collection, London, UK, 2018
• “Official SelectionFantastic Arcade, Austin, TX, 2017
• “Official SelectionA MAZE, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2017
• “Official SelectionGame Happens Festival, Genova, Italy, 2017