Idle Military Base Tycoon Game Cheats&ڇِڪيو

پاران | مئي 27, 2023

Want to become a military tycoon, build your own army base and experience a real military simulation?????

Come and play the Idle Military Base Tycoon! You will start as a soldier from the training camp and finally commit yourself to the battlefield. There is no time for dawdling. Because you’ll go through varied trials and numerous training challenges before graduate. Get yourself ready for all sorts of military operations around the world!????

As you make progress with military training, you will earn a substantial amount of income to expand your camp. All training zones can be upgraded in terms of value, speed, capacity and queue size. Although you will have your ups and downs and might get punished for being lazy. But I’m sure you’ll love developing your own military base!????

The following are the challenges you must complete before graduation:

Enrollment CenterTing! Newly arrived elites are waiting for your training.????????

Teaching BuildingA learning base that makes soldiers battlewise.????????

Army TrainingUpgrade military skills in a warzone.????‍♂️

Navy TrainingA sailor but tougher than sailors.⚓

Aerial Artillery Training – بوءِ! Time to throw enemies into hell!????