Poppy Survival: Hide NSeek Cheats&ڇِڪيو

پاران | جنوري 14, 2022

If you ever know about Huggy Wuggy and Imposter, it’s Playtime for you to start your endless journey with this game!

Poppy Survival: Hide NSeek is a good old classic hide & seek game. Play either as a seeker or as a hider and win the game. We have all the space for you to run around. But be careful and try to avoid bumping into cumbrous things on the ground and getting stuck.

You can choose among serveral roles to add more exciment: شڪاري, Assasin, ڪيپٽن, Trapper, تلوار, Gunnerwith unlimited skills and items. It’s super fun, check it out!

ڪيئن کيڏجي:
Hold and drag to move
Get coins and items to
Run fast and don’t get smashed if you’re the Imposter
Run fast and smash, if you’re Huggy Wuggy

راند جي خاصيت:
Easy and addictive gameplay, control with only one finger
Serveral roles with impressive skins and skills
Awsome graphics
Countless challenges, countless fun
Play online and offline

Download Poppy Survival: Hide NSeek and enjoy this funny addictive game.