Stagelands – eternal defense – ٺڳي&ڇِڪيو

پاران | مارچ 5, 2023

Defend your kingdom and conquer the lands of your enemies!

From the magical portals comes a horde of enemies. Orcs, undead and brigands want to tear apart your kingdom piece by piece.

You have several different biomes (floors) to defend simultaneously, hire fighters for defense, build towers, ٽاور, traps and various modules for reliable protection. Use abilities and skills, as well as create your own tactics to successfully repel the enemy’s army.

راند جي راند:
You can play offline without internet anywhere in the world;
Convenient and simple controls, easy to understand a beginner and start playing. Have fun and get stronger;
Unite into clans to crush the enemyinteract with each other;
Develop your kingdom and improve your defenses. Many defensive options, invent your own tactics, use different skills and abilities;
The best defense is offense. Seize enemy lands, replenishing your defenses.

Hundreds of different waves, each one unique and will feel like a new game with different mechanics;
Different modes. Capturing castles and other lands, defending cowries, raiding resource islands;
Different types and classes of enemies. You won’t be bored, everyone needs a different approach;
Many varieties of worlds-biomes to defend. From winter mountains to warm seashores, each location is unique and interesting;
Each floor is a unique biome world with its own strong abilities for defense;
– جادوگر, نائيٽس, تيرنداز, dragons, ٽاور, defense towers, defense modulescollect them all!

Fight back your enemies on all levels. Build an impregnable fortress.

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