Stone AdventureIdle RPG Cheats&ڇِڪيو

پاران | سيپٽمبر 26, 2023

## وصف
Cute little enemy stones attack you in droves. Defeat them all.
Collect various skills and equipment to strengthen your stones.
When you enter the adventure area, a powerful village boss will appear. Defeat the boss with a combination of skills!
It is a new concept idle RPG raising game that allows you to experience a different kind of fun from existing clicker and IDLE games.

## Menu
Enhancement: Attack power, stamina, recovery, critical hit, انگ اکر, ability enhancement. ڪپڙا, وغيره.
Equipment: هٿيار, ٽوپي, لوازمات, collection and enhancement.
Skills: Various skills and runes with 5 attributes: باھ, وڄ, wind, برف, and earth.
– ايڊونچر: Various dungeons and powerful town bosses

## اسٽيج

If you are looking for an addictive game, a fun game, or a new idle RPG raising game.
Play the Stones Adventure!

For other inquiries, please send to the email address below.