Shooter Galaxy – Cheats&Hack

By | January 7, 2021

Stop the alien invasion!
“Shooter Galaxy” is an addictive arcade shooting game that can be played with one hand
Destroy all enemies and strengthen airships and drones to defeat even more powerful enemies

Game Features
– Simple and addictive game playable with one hand
– 25 types of drones with unique unique abilities to help combat
– 40 kinds of enemies with various characteristics such as splitting, tracking and defending
– 999 stages

How to play
– Fighters automatically attack forward.
– Control the fighter by dragging while touching the screen.
– Choose a drone that suits your taste and use it in battle.
– When the enemy is destroyed, items that help battle appear.
– Destroy all enemies without hitting them.

Shooter Galaxy is completely free to play.
Download it now.