Not Not 2 – A Brain Challenge Cheats&හැක්

Enhance your Brain Skills by solving clever Puzzles based on orientation, logic and colors! එම 15 MILLION players hitNOT NOTis back with a fully revamped version! New Modes, More Levels, Many Collectibles, and still totally FREE!Dive now into this FUN and ADDICTIVE new cerebral experience! ක්රීඩා කරන්නේ කෙසේද:• Read the instructions written on… වැඩිදුර කියවන්න »

Dawnlands – වංචා&හැක්

In Dawnlands, players battle to awaken an ancient land. Explore a gigantic world, gather materials, craft weapons, and build a world only you could dream up, but be wary of the threats in the dark! Become the savior of an unknown land, and revel in a stunning open-world! ★Explore★ A variety of biomes, ධාතු, හා… වැඩිදුර කියවන්න »

Fish of Fortune™ – වංචා&හැක්

Embark on a new adventure and spin the wheel of fortune to get coins and unlock magical sea creatures. Win rewards, catch fish, raid, loot and attack your friends as you restore and redecorate different areas of the island. Enjoy this arcade adventure game with the fisherman and his crew Are you looking to play… වැඩිදුර කියවන්න »

Evolution 2: Shooting games – වංචා&හැක්

Time for Evolution to continue! The long-awaited sequel to one of the hit iconic විද්‍යා ප්‍රබන්ධ online games is out! It tells you a story about the universe of Utopia from another angle. The second episode reproduces the unique atmosphere of the Evolution that millions of players came to love. The gameplay of the Evolution 2… වැඩිදුර කියවන්න »

Survival RPG 3:Lost in time 2D Cheats&හැක්

Survival RPG 3: Lost in Time 2D is the third offline adventure game in the retro treasure hunt Survival RPG Adventure series. It’s a free offline RPG adventure in a fantasy pixel world. You are lost and teleport through medieval time. To survive and escape, explore fantasy worlds (dungeons, medieval castles, fortresses), craft and find… වැඩිදුර කියවන්න »

Baseball: Home Run Sport Game Cheats&හැක්

Clash with baseball players around the world and build your own dream team! Enjoy fast 1v1 multiplayer baseball experience with batting, pitching and super easy to understand team building! Play Baseball Home Run to become the grand champion of the game in 2k23! ★ Game Features ⚾ Quick 5 minutes live ball games!⚾ Hit smashing… වැඩිදුර කියවන්න »

Cooking Dream – වංචා&හැක්

Welcome to Cooking Dream! Come and join millions of people as they make their way to become a world-class Master Chef! Show off your skill by cooking various cuisines from tons of different ingredients from all over the world! Explore and learn about new and exciting food from the best restaurants and pave your way… වැඩිදුර කියවන්න »

Little Big Robots. Mech Battle Cheats&හැක්

Fast-paced multiplayer battles with giant armed to the teeth robots! Fight in real-time battles with players all over the world! Operate a giant heavily armed robot and do whatever you want. Crash entire cities, smash your rivals, step across rivers, set ambushes to catch you enemy by surprise and have a good time while gunning… වැඩිදුර කියවන්න »

Idle Superpower School – වංචා&හැක්

On this perilous continent, intense cosmic radiation, extreme weather, mutated plants, monsters crawling in the darkPeople’s safety needs to be guarded by more people with super powers. Only you can complete thisimpossibletask!Build a supernatural school, formulate scientific management, hire the famous Dr. සුපර්මෑන්, recruit talents and make the school a world-class school!… වැඩිදුර කියවන්න »

DC Super Hero Girls Blitz Cheats&හැක්

Barbara Gordon here! A.k.a. the one and only Batgirl. You might know my awesome friends and me as the DC Super Hero Girls! We’re not your average high school students: we also fight crime by going head-to-head with Super-Villains. Do you want to join us for some crazy fast games and challenges? Be ready to… වැඩිදුර කියවන්න »